Latinos for Democracy

Our Mission:

Mobilize Latino Voters in Georgia.

Georgia has the fastest growing Latino community in the country. Our contributions to the social and economic fabric of the state are pivotal. This critical presence must be reflected in electoral participation.

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We vote for Mayors! We vote for City Councils!

Mayors serve for 4 years and are the executive branch of the city. City council members serve 2 to 4 years and are the legislative branch.

Why are mayors important?

They run the city and make every day decisions. Mayors pick leaders for departments like the offices of Immigrant, Cultural and Community affairs. They spend approved budgets.

Why IS CITY COUNCIL important?

They approve budgets and laws. They serve on committees and are active community representatives in their districts. They’re more easily accessible compared to mayors.

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Get Involved

You can register to vote, vote, pledge to vote, give rides to friends, send a donation, offer space at your event, put up a poster in your business or office, host a registration table at your high school. The options are endless!! Questions? Contact:


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Pledge you will request an absentee ballot, take advantage of early voting and/or vote on 11/6

Make a Donation

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Our Impact

Latinos in Georgia can significantly influence policy in the state if turning out to vote. According to a GALEO report, we are close to represent 4% of the total electorate in the state and growing.

87% of all Latinos under 18 years old in Georgia ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS. In the last midterm elections in 2018, Millennial Latinx turned out at 700% compared to the previous midterm. The community at-large turned out at 400$

It is our time to use our voice and vote to champion policies that facilitate opportunities for our families, students and entrepreneurs to grow and continue contributing to the state.


Latinos already registered

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ELIGIBLE community members

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AND A Latinx turns 18 and can vote

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Our Georgia Partners

We believe we are stronger when we work together. Our partner organizations have different strengths and geographic priorities yet we all work together and in coordination to educate, provide outreach, empower and facilitate information and access to civic participation opportunities for Latinx across the state. Interested in joining?



GALEO’s mission is to increase civic engagement and leadership of the Latino/Hispanic community across Georgia.

Vision: GALEO strives for a better Georgia where the Latino community is engaged civically and its contributions and concerns are recognized. #IamGaleo #GALatinoVote



We reflect and honor the dignitiy of people, formed of many nationalities, races and cultures which are in consstant process of redefinition as we seek our identify. We believe every human being has the right to a life of dignitiy, recognition of the value of our work and contributions to society. We demand fundamental rights to education, work, housing and family to be safeguarded regardless of immigration status, race or gender.



The Hispanic Federation, a number of advisory funds, the LCF Georgia board of directors, and ProGeorgia


Una voz honesta para la comunidad latina en el noreste de Georgia. CLILA  promueve la integración social de los latinos, la participación cívica, así como diversidad cultural. Mejora la calidad de vida de los latinos, ofrece opciones para el desarrollo del liderazgo latino; motiva y apoya el avance económico y ofrece opciones para facilitar el acceso a igualdad de oportunidades. #CLILA #LatinoLideresDalton


LOS VEcinos de buford highway

Somos una asociacion que fomenta y cultiva el desarrollo de nuestra comunidad, amplifica las voces de nuestras familias inmigrantes y crea futuros líderes en el vecindario de Buford Highway


CONVENER: Latino Community fund (LCF GEORGIA)

LCF Georgia supports Latino-serving nonprofits in Georgia with advocacy, program development, technical assistance and grant making. 

Our mission is to be a catalyst for investment, collaborative work, and positive narrative with and within the Latinx/Hispanic Community in Georgia.