Our Mission:

Mobilize Latino Voters in Georgia.

Georgia has the fastest growing Latino community in the country. Our contributions to the social and economic fabric of the state are pivotal. This critical presence must be reflected in electoral participation.

#GALatinoVote #EstamosAqui #WeAreHere

#SalAVotar #GoVote

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We vote for Mayors! We vote for City Councils!

Mayors serve for 4 years and are the executive branch of the city. City council members serve 2 to 4 years and are the legislative branch.

Why are mayors important?

They run the city and make every day decisions. Mayors pick leaders for departments like the offices of Immigrant, Cultural and Community affairs. They spend approved budgets.

Why IS CITY COUNCIL important?

They approve budgets and laws. They serve on committees and are active community representatives in their districts. They’re more easily accessible compared to mayors.

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